Art of Shaving

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

How do you indulge? Is it a game of golf when you have work to do? Is it secretly wishing you could have a manly spa day? There needs to be a way to find ‘me’ time…and we found the perfect spot, an indulgent grooming experience in a masculine and luxurious atmosphere.

The Art of Shaving Barber Spa is a unique concept that combines traditional barber services with aromatherapy skin services. For the ultimate indulgence you can get a Royal Shave (makes you feel like Prince Charles already, eh?), scissor only haircut and an extremely masculine facial…well, as masculine as a facial can get.

The Manhattan Madison Ave location is intimate and cozy, creating a sense of reprieve from the big bustling city and rush of everyday life. This is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon, a mini-getaway in NYC. Leather furniture, a whiff of mahogany in the air, the feel of luxury at your fingertips.

The Master Barbers here are seriously old school—our barber Israel has been doing this since he was a teenager in the Bronx, so you trust him when he whips out that straight razor with the utmost of ease. It’s the closet shave, anywhere. We went to NYC but The Art of Shaving has these hidden gems all across the country.

I will discuss my love of shaving freely and without reservation. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Shaving.

A Royal Shave and Haircut involves a full facial, complete with hot towel, Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream applied and then a double-shave (once with the grain, once across), ending with Hydrosol Rose Water and a lightweight After Shave Balm. Your face has never felt smoother. As for the haircut…Israel picked up those scissors and made it look like an art form. My hair looked (and felt) fantastic.

After a luxurious 45 minutes in the hands of an expert barber here, complete with just enough products to toe the line of masculinity, you’ll almost consider throwing away that Gillette and scheduling a daily appointment.