Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

For the guy in your life, it’s about getting him something that is the perfect balance of practicality and luxury. A gift with a function and purpose that isn’t a new pair of socks, boxers, or another undershirt. Something he might not typically splurge on but will use every day and be reminded of just how thoughtful you are. A gift can scream masculinity and still serve that ‘how considerate’ appeal you were going for.

That gift is the new Series 7 Braun men’s electric shaver. It’s the latest in technology for a super-premium shave. It’s an investment piece…you don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks to get a decent shave, but you do when you want an exceptional shave. When you’re buying something that’s bringing a blade right next to your man’s skin every morning, you want it to be as good as the Braun Series 7.

The streamlined design uses 10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke help capture more hair for the most thorough shave possible. His face will stay perfectly smooth and kissable throughout the day, and he’ll get to spend an extra 10 minutes in bed with you each morning…this electric shaver deliveries a perfect in depth shave in less than five minutes, mowing through stubble with a quiet humming determination.

Zero redness, zero razor burn. Best shave you’ll ever get from an electric razor…and we’ve tried the at-home straight razor route. Electric is the way to go. Smoother skin, less danger.

Splurge on a slightly extravagant and extremely functional gift for him this season. Luxury and practicality never disappoint.

Braun 790 Electric Shaver MSRP $245