Where we're going, we don't need roads....but we do need our iPhones.

Viper SmartStart

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads….but we do need our iPhones.

by Jenna Marie Bostock

How many times last winter did you (for those above the Mason Dixon line) look outside at your snow encrusted 7-series and think: “I really have to get in that thing? It’s f@#*%!freezing.” And the grouchiness ensues. Don’t you just wish your car could drive itself? Start itself? Heat or cool itself before you walk outside? Exist as a self sufficent being, just like the kids you raised? (Well, almost self sufficent. There’s always one.)

Very Minority Report, Back to the Future, 5th Element sort of fantastical futuristic ideas, I know. But really-what if it were possible? Would you let a robot run your life? Probably. This isn’t some generation of robot armies coming to kick your ass–for the time being, electronics has yet to turn on mankind and are presently focused on making our lives as comfortable as possible.

We all bow down to the iPhone. Apple just posted a 47% quarterly profit jump as iPhone and Mac sales stay steady while competitors grasp for air in a sea of wannabes. 7.4 million iPhones were sold in the most recent quarter, up 7% from a year ago.

Not too shabby.

I’m not biased. I only own a first generation iTouch. And I’m more of a CrackBerry girl anyway. So you know my intentions are honest when I tell you the iPhone has done it again. It has shocked and awed, inspired and persevered, and now our personal device robots are bringing themselves to larger than life proportions. But this is actually more about the programs we’ve manage to channel through such an innovative machine than the little guy itself.

The ever exclusive new iPod application from Viper called SmartStart. Open it up as if you were checking your daily news column and have your engine running by the time you sink into your seats. No range limitations, no security threats, just the absolute power and confidence of knowing that you really do control the universe.

Neccesary items to feel a thousand times cooler than everyone around you: A Viper. A VSM100 Module or VSS4000 system installed in your car. An iPhone or iPod Touch. And an itsy bitsy $299-$499 (depending on your Viper system) application.

The application comes with the ability to lock/arm, unlock/disarm, control the remote car starter, trunk release, and use the panic/car finder. All from your camera/phone/e-mail/mp3 player/game center/portable office device. Talk about multi-tasking. The luxury and ludicriosity of it all is pretty tempting.