Seriously, did Apple have to do this to us again?

Like most people, I was just getting over the honeymoon phase with my iPhone 3G when Apple unveiled its newest iPhone; the iPhone 3G S.  It’s twice as fast, has 20% more battery life than its predecessor and more than one hundred new features—many of which are tailored specifically for business executives.

What started as an innocuous cell phone for creative geeks and college kids has quickly exploded into the business market competing neck to neck with products like the Palm and Blackberry series.  It appears, however, that Apple will reign dominant over these once untouchable business smartphones.

Why?  Well, in the age of “applications” all cell phones are not created equal.

The new iPhone 3G S offers over 50,000 applications, including YouTube and Facebook, but more importantly it offers money management, merchant services, and accounting applications.  You can accept credit cards, track your investment portfolio and find the best place for Mahi-Mahi near the Upper East Side through your iPhone.

There really is an app for everything.

What’s more, the operating platform of the iPhone 3G S is far superior to any other competing smartphone.  The iPhone OS 3.0 is the worlds most advanced mobile operating system, and every iPhone 3G S comes standard with it.

“iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet and we think people will love the incredible new features including autofocus camera, video recording and the freedom of voice control,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of WorldWide Product Marketing.

That’s right.  You now have the ability to video record and use true hands-free voice control with your iPhone.

The iPhone 3G S features a 3 megapixel autofocus camera that captures video and allows you to post to MobileMe or YouTube with just one tap of the touch-screen.  The new autofocus adjusts for focus, exposure, color and contrast for the best possible image and includes macro focus for extra close up shots.  I bet you thought you could only get that from one of those pricey digital cameras, didn’t you?

As far as voice commands go, the new iPhone 3G S has no equal.  When you want to call your friend Tom you simply say “Call Tom” and the iPhone then asks you if you want to call his office or home number—how cool is that?  Voice control also allows you to play your favorite music by artist, album or playlist and activate the Genius feature by saying “play more songs like this.”

Still not convinced the iPhone is the right business and personal phone for you?  Check out MobileMe (Cue trumpets).  MobileMe is a service that pushes new email, contacts, and calendar events over the air to all your devices.  So your iPhone, Mac, and PC are always in perfect harmony.  No docking required.  My favorite feature?  The ability to erase all data from your iPhone remotely in the event your iPhone is lost or stolen.  Talk about business security.

We’re comparing apples to oranges here—and the oranges appear to have gone sour.

The new iPhone 3G S is available June 19th in both 16 and 32 gigabyte versions for $199 and $299, respectively.