Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

You’ve bought her jewelry. You’ve given her that generic sweater gift. She’s not going to appreciate those Black Sabbath reunion tickets. Get her something she wants, but not necessarily needs. Something that makes her feel beautiful. Temptu is this revolutionary makeup system that makes every woman feel like she’s playing dress up in the morning; remind her that staying sexy isn’t a chore. It’s a mutually beneficial concept…

Temptu is a professional airbrush system for the average girl. You can look like you just sat for hours in the makeup chair and are camera ready, when in reality you spent five minutes airbrushing aka painting your slight flaws into perfection.

Give her the gift of beauty.

This make up system (you can apply everything from foundation, blush, highlighter, even eye shadow) will give you that clean, flawless appeal without a heavy caked on overdone look. Nice, smooth, matte and natural.

With the airpod system you have your choice of settings for sheer, medium, and full coverage. It’s a whole world you’ve never experienced before…plus your tools don’t ever come into contact with your skin, and your liquid makeup is never exposed to the ‘outside’ world.

Whoever you buy this for, whether it be the luxury inclined lady in your life or just a special gift to yourself this season (hey, you deserve it), you will not be disappointed. This is an indulgent gift worth every penny.

Limited Edition Everyday Luxury Gift Set MSRP $275