Carmel Valley Ranch Hotel

California’s Luxury Ranch Resort

Carmel Valley is a special place. It’s a Californian Brigadoon of sorts, magically appearing on Highway One two hours outside of the heavy San Francisco fog. An artists’ recluse and a free spirits fantasy. One of California’s best-kept secrets, Carmel Valley Ranch is tucked away in the forests of the Santa Lucia Mountains on the sunny side of the Monterey Peninsula.

This is unlike any other resort you’ve been to. It’s the sort of place you sneak away to tap into that elixir of life—play. All kinds of play, for all kinds of people. When was the last time you slept in with the scent of fresh lavender on your windowsill? Became beekeeper for a day? Hike up to the breathtaking views of the Huff and Puff trail and come down to the exquisite Lodge for a true culinary adventure. Spend an evening stargazing with strangers, eating s’mores and twirling on a tree swing. There’s a real ‘je ne sais quoi’ here that makes you linger a moment longer than necessary and appreciate the breath in your lungs and the spring in your step.Carmel Valley Ranch Resort

After a recent reimaging and renovation, Carmel Valley Ranch has been transformed into a sophisticated playground for all ages. Children at heart and actual children at play coexist in a beautiful 500-acre landscape of rugged natural slides and a jungle gym like no other. The Ranch is a mystic place to rekindle romances, rethink companies, reconnect with friends and family, and of course, revive spirits.

“The best thing about working in the Central Coast area is the ability to be so closely connected to local products and the people behind them. When you know where your food is from and understand the care that the purveyors grant it, it is easy to extend your hand in friendship and consider them part of your family.”

Carmel Valley Ranch Bees

One of the best reasons to getaway to Carmel is Tim Wood, Executive Chef at the Lodge Restaurant at Carmel Valley Ranch in the heart of California’s most fertile growing region. Chef Tim’s enthusiasm for cooking farm-to-table cuisine is infectious, and he’s so proud of the ingredients he presents to you that he beams with each course. He spends his time between the garden and the kitchen, finding inspiration in every plump tomato and skinny squash. He has a true passion for pure, raw ingredients and gastronomic adventures that start with a seed and end on your plate. It’s a contagious feeling of culinary togetherness.Carmel Valley Ranch

The area’s rich history of wine growing and sustainable, organic farming is reflected in Chef Wood’s fresh, natural and seasonal menus. Fresh seafood comes directly from the waters of the Monterey Coast. Almost all of the fruits and vegetables featured in Chef’s dishes are grown at the Ranch’s on-site organic garden, literally picked walking distance from his kitchen.

Carmel Valley Ranch is an escape that will never leave your heart. Propose to someone you love here. Make memories. Keep them in your pocket and never let them go. Carmel is a place that you never want to leave, and that will never ever leave you.

Breathe it in. Enjoy. Go Play.