Unique Casual Apparel for Every Occasion

There’s nothing quite like the perfect t-shirt. I love a perfectly fitted suit or a great blazer on any given Monday, but business casual is becoming more and more important in our daily work lives. You are no longer subjected to wearing a different shade of grey each day of the week or made to wrap a perfectly knotted tie around your neck daily. There’s more freedom than there used to be, and for good reason.


Expressing yourself lets your clients know who are, what you like, what teams you support, the hometown you represent and that you can be down to earth and approachable too. True, there are still plenty of occasions where you get to show off those bespoke oxfords or that insane paisley jacket, but when it’s time to dress down it’s still important to focus on quality.

That’s where the perfect t-shirt comes in. Great fit, classic style, a soft inviting feel to the fabric. Seems silly, but the devil is in the details. Sportiqe is a designer and manufacturer that embraces all of those elements. They’re a casual fashion brand establishing a new standard in an under serviced industry. In the last decade they have identified a niche relating to delivering “true fashion” licensed apparel, including licensed gear from the NBA, NCAA, USTA, World Series of Poker and ESPN.


Sportiqe’s apparel lines represent the culmination of intense research of the current trends in fashion and what is most applicable to the sports, music, and licensed products industry. They tend to narrow the gap between basics and casual fashion leveraging licensors to bring on more fashion-forward products. Wear a shirt supporting the L.A. Lakers without looking like a bum. Take a look at the ‘fan shirts’ being sold at any sporting event…ill-fitting, typically cheap fabric, and generally just a souvenir to stick in your bottom drawer as a pajama tee.

The goal at Sportiqe is to keep up with fashion, bridge the gap, push the envelope, and be the leader in the casual fashion sector of the sports, music, and licensed products industry.

Be as proud of what you’re wearing as who you’re rooting for and embrace the revolution of ‘(almost) every day is casual Friday.’ Oh, and plenty of celebs are already fans…including Jesse Pinkman. Bitch.