Grant Cardone

In Today’s Marketplace We Are All Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who successfully create multi-million dollar businesses know how much hard work, disappointment, persistence and dedication it takes to build a business from nothing and then to keep it working. So when someone starts copying the compan...

How to be a Great Public Speaker

Public speaking is one of the great skills you will need in order to ensure success in your personal and business life. The ability to speak in public, communicate an idea, to get others to know you and be energized is critical to creating the future...

Interning: the value in free work

Interns need to quit focusing on any of this nonsensical talk they are being taken advantage of or being exploited when you are offered a position with no pay.  This is crazy!  In the marketplaceobscurity is the single biggest problem you can have.  ...
Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a New York Times best-selling author, star and executive producer of the reality TV show Turnaround King, host of the Cardone Zone radio show and is regularly seen on Fox Business, NBC and Business Insider. He was named the Top Sales Expert and a Top 10 Business Coach to follow on Twitter. A self-made multi-millionaire that literally created himself from nothing, Cardone is the Founder and CEO of three multi-million dollar companies. He is the author of five books all written since the 2008 financial crisis, that provide the principles and techniques individuals must follow to flourish and win. Cardone’s ultimate ambition is to help the over 7+ billion people of this world to live more successfully, both in their professional and personal lives. Follow him on Twitter @GrantCardone.