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Whitmore Rare Booksellers

 Whitmore Rare Books is a boutique appointment only bookseller dedicated to providing top collectors with the most important books of the last five centuries in...

Facebook- Worth the Investment?

EBITDA, net income, revenues, users -- the numbers do not and will not lie.  After reviewing Facebook's S-1 filing with the SEC, there is no justification for a...
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Living in a Super Trend World

There are a number of major “super trends” driving massive change in our world, with three of the most powerful being Globalization, Technology Accelerators and...
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The Valiant Recessionary Investor

Although measures of investor confidence are up from their December 2008 low, the dizzy American market still teeters on fear. And it’s no wonder. With a full basket of financial woes and dominoes still toppling around the world, the economic prophets declare the Great Recession will persist through the rest of 2009.