By Jenna Marie Bostock

Your outfit is the first thing someone notices. Before your eyes, your arms, your haircut. It speaks for you before you have time to speak for yourself. It would only make sense to make sure your outfit is impeccable, and interpretive enough for what exactly you are trying to say with your cuffs-without being cliché.  After all, Ragged jeans and an Abercrombie tee say something different than Gucci loafers and a Caraceni suit.

This year, fashion went back to its elegant roots. Classic pieces updated with bold accents are what’s on everyone’s mind for the upcoming fall season. The looks out there all seem to be a return to the classics by way of immaculate detailing, elegant silhouettes, simplistic and clean minimalism. Updated vintage retro seems to be the buzz, and I can see why.

Check out the hottest trends for Fall 2009.

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