Ride Hunter

When the snow hits the city take the thruway and hit the slopes.

Finally! The snow has arrived. Upstate New Yorkers get to enjoy the peaceful blanketing of snow over scenic backyards….but for the executive Manhattanites the City becomes something out of Johnny Cashs’ idea of a winter wonderland, tainted with dirt and subliminal hatred.

So what to do, where to go?

Hunter Mountain opens tomorrow for your own personal vacation getaway.  It’s a way to escape the chill of Manhattan and surround yourself with a little fresh air. We all need to breathe a little. Only a little over 2 hours to New York City, and you’ve reached a world renowned ski resort and spa.

These guys are serious snowmakers with the fastest recovery time of any ski area in the world, using more than 60 miles of snowmaking pipe and covering one acre with one foot of snow every hour. In an average season, they turn about half a billion gallons of water into snow. The slopes hold every inch of the precious powder that so readily dissipates at the sight of skyscrapers.

To ensure the switch from your penthouse to the wilderness is seamless, check out the High Peaks Club. Membership is only $900 and includes access to the upscale lounge, reserved parking space at the lodge and private business center(because we all know what a pain in the ass it is to close those $500k deals from our blackberry.)

Other High Peaks amenities include private restrooms and changing rooms, oversized wood-paneled lockers, coffee bar and television lounge, along with easy access to the slopes.

Sure, there’s a waiting list, but it wouldn’t be so exclusive and enticing if there wasn’t.

If you don’t get around the waiting list this season, no worries. (Although mentioning our name might help…) the onsite luxury spa will soothe away the stresses of that year-end audit in a tranquil majestic setting—or at the least eliminate a few wrinkles, using local Catskill flora and fauna to create custom products for spa treatments.

Get the company car and ride up to a mountain with all the amenities and convenience you could ask for.

Happy Ski Season.

Ride Hunter.