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Special Small Biz Offer from PR Newswire

It’s really no secret that the right media coverage has the power to sell your company’s image, reputation, brand, or product to a mass audience of potential customers in one single story.

But honestly, you know as well as anyone that with an overabundance of companies and feature stories out there, the challenge for small to mid-sized businesses is just to get your company noticed. One of the most tried and true techniques to gain visibility is to implement a targeted public relations program, including news release distribution. It’s a simple business strategy proven to be as effective as it is efficient. has teamed up with PR Newswire to offer you a 12-month membership at no charge. Just submit your contact information through the Request Information form of the PR Toolkit and someone from PR Newswire will touch base with you to get you signed up. This is a $195 value!! As well, save with PR Newswire by gaining access to more than $2,000 in free and discounted services!

You know here at Alister & Paine we don’t mess around, so take advantage of this unique business offer while you can. It’s as good as it gets, as Jack Nicholson would say.

Visit the PR Toolkit for some great educational resources and special offers to get you going in the right direction in promoting your products, services, Web site and business.

Get Noticed, Increase Sales

  • Announce a new business, Web site, service or product to a mass audience
  • Get the attention of the media and elevate your profile
  • Drive traffic to your Web site or storefront and increase sales
  • Credibility. Your release will be intermingled alongside news from large corporations
  • Increase your overall visibility

There is no better way to get the word out about your business than by using PR Newswire.