The Benjamin Hotel | NYC

Where do you find a snooze comfort level in the city that never sleeps? The Benjamin Hotel, where they absolutely guarantee a good night’s sleep. If you don’t sleep as well at The Benjamin as you do at home you get a free night’s stay. That’s how much they care. Really.

“Most of our guests are business travelers.  We realized that the number-one productivity tool isn’t a laptop, and it’s not a blackberry – it’s a good night’s sleep,” says Andy Labetti, General Manager of The Benjamin.

If you’re wondering how on earth a hotel could possibly guarantee your REM status, check out the extraordinary measures The Benjamin has gone to. There’s a Sleep Concierge, available at any time for any peaceful sleep necessities.

There’s the exclusive Benjamin Bed, a Serta® mattress created solely for The Benjamin, involving specially engineered convoluted foam cushioning and layers of fibers quilted to the mattress. That’s some serious comfort to bounce around on.

There are twelve—yes, twelve—specialty types of pillows to choose from: upper body, buckwheat, satin, hypo-allergenic, water-filled, Swedish memory, magnetic therapy, a jelly neckroll, a five-foot body cushion, sound, maternity and a special anti-snore pillow. (How does an anti-snore pillow even work?)

One of The Benjamin’s most unique techniques (not gimmicks) is the argon gas double glazing between the window panes, keeping the rooms extra quiet and restful. That’s going above and beyond the 500 thread count sheets at the W, wouldn’t you say?

My favorite part? The milk and cookies bedtime snack. Goodnight New York!