Perfect Nights Sleep

The Perfect Night’s Sleep

We work hard. We play hard. In between the grind of conquering capitalism and living the life, you need to find time for a little R&R, and a good night’s sleep does so much more than an overpriced cup of coffee.

We found the perfect product that is custom tailored to make sure your dreams of Heidi Klum fantasies or nudist trapeze flying (hey, to each his own) are completely undisturbed. Customization is such a big part of our world…it’s integral to our suits, our ergonomic chairs, even our earbuds. It should also be a key ingredient to that hard earned beauty sleep.

Plumeria Bay is a luxurious down pillow and comforter company that offers the crème de la crème of the sleep world. They use superior craftsmanship and the finest Hungarian White Goose Down, along with an adjustable customizable fill system to create the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

To sleep, perchance to dream…  William Shakespeare

Too soft, too hard, too little? A lot of people have issues with down pillows because of the Goldilocks complex…you just don’t know till you try one out and see if you’re a 650, 750 or 800 fill kind of guy or gal. Plumeria Bay’s ‘Perfect Fill Service’ helps make sure your pillow will be just the way you want it. If you decide that you’d like more down added to your pillow, or perhaps some removed, send it on back and they’ll adjust your pillow until it’s perfect for you. Each pillow is covered with silky smooth organic cotton or actual silk…the first night with your new headrest and you’ll just slide into sleep.

There’s something different about the way these down pillows feel. No machine manufactured clumps, no polyester itch, just an incredibly airy feel of a cloud beneath your head. A little surreal, but oh so comfy.

Surround your body in luxury and lay your head on the comfiest surface it’s ever met. They’re good for more than just sleeping, too…