Warren Tricomi

Best Haircut in NYC

Individually, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are legends in the world of hair color and hair styling, respectively. Together, they are an unrivaled duo whose shared expertise defines hair trends season after season. In their twenty years as partners they have become the go-to hair salon for New York City’s elite, established a network of salons across the country and created the first collection of hair products produced by a colorist and a stylist.

We checked out Warren-Tricomi’s newest addition to Manhattan on Madison Avenue, a spacious lofty luxurious spot to pamper yourself. The stylists here are the crème de la crème of the industry and worth every pricey penny. This is the sort of thing you really need to splurge on…You know as well as we do that your look can make or break you, professionally or personally. It’s not the sort of thing to experiment with (unlike piercings…painful, but removable). You can’t undo a bad bang job.

Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.  ~Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985

At the salon Joel is a master colorist who believes that “exceptional color should create movement, add texture and shine.” He’s a wealth of knowledge when he comes to coloring techniques (he’s responsible for inventing most of them) and uses masterful eye for contrast, shadow and depth to customize every client’s color. His trademark versatility is the product of adapting his techniques and formulas to create a signature look to suit every client. Joel’s reputation for developing personal relationships with his clientele is what separates this modern day color legend from others and is the basis for his unparalleled, signature work.

Edward is a master stylist who is legendary for his signature dry-hair precision cutting technique. With his rapid-fire way of cutting, it’s an entirely new experience and a much more specific haircut. Dry cutting is like taking a pencil and using the fine lines to create a shape and style, seeing each strand as an individual swipe of ink as he swiftly snip snip snipes away. Edward is known for his ability to describe and reproduce hundreds of years of hair fashion…he’s possibly the greatest hair historian of modern times, a skill he’s put to good use in his work with countless designers and models.

If you’re not able to book a slot with Joel and Edward, don’t worry—they only hire stylists and colorists who have the same level of artistic vision and each is trained in the fierce high standards that defines Warren-Tricomi. But of course, having Joel lighten your tresses or having Edward take scissors to your bangs is the ultimate high-end experience to be found in the world of mane taming.

Hair color and style is not about trends – it’s about individuality. For the client, it’s about finding the right stylist, colorist and salon who will really get you. We prefer the kind where you are draped in silk robes and offered Mimosas while you get a blow out—you’d be crazy not to. Call well in advance and see if these masters can squeeze you in to their elusive schedule and exclusive salon. Your bouncy shiny locks will thank you later.