Men’s 2012 Spring Fashion

Spring is in the air! It’s time to ditch the trench coat and stop to smell the roses. L.A. based boutique brand Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen has just the right looks to embrace the sun and put a little ‘spring’ in your step.

Cohen’s ability to fuse the synergy of well-tailored, high-fashion pieces with an element of wearability sees its way to another successful Spring/Summer 2012 collection. -Hypebeast

The brand was founded in 2009 as Micah Cohen searched for classic fashion in sunny SoCal. He was yearning for the years of Carey Grant and Gene Kelly, a way to modernize the essentials without bedazzling or beading anything. He’s not all about the faux graffiti tees or funky denim—this brand has managed to fuse the quintessential laid-back lifestyle of Cali with modern classic tailoring. Not an easy feat, and one Micah does it quite well.

He typically uses a muted color palette (yes, plenty of grey) and this Spring/Summer collection infuses a softer feel with paisley and floral inspired shirts with clean lines that stay true to their masculine roots. Some of the fresher pieces take you thousands miles away, making you feel as if you’ve been deserted on a Maldives beach in an impeccably fitting blazer.

The line pays homage to the sartorial heritage of classic men’s clothing, updated with progressive styling and details. Suiting remains a highlight, with an emphasis on fabric and fit, the blazers, suit vests and pants all versatile enough to be worn together or dressed down as separates.

Everything here is somewhat formal and comfortably forward without any fuss, a refreshing style that seems to have taken over cubicles globally. The result is a collection that’s versatile enough to wear to a summer wedding, or all rolled up for a day at the beach.

This 2012 Spring/Summer collection is fashion forward clothing that is wearable and affordable, contemporary without being overtly trendy and classic without being boring…a casual appeal with a refined aesthetic being furnished via blazers, leather/wool varsity jackets, overcoats and wool vests.

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen is never too much of any one thing. In a world of black and white extremes, it’s good to know there are still shades of grey.