Kandee Shoes

Sexy Stilettos for Summer

Twenty-two year old Josh Wayman knows his shoes. He is the force behind the highly coveted Kandee Shoe brand, a line that emerged from the UK in 2010 with a mission to create footwear that could be the ultimate eye-candy. Since its inception Kandee has garnered an international cult following…including A&P.

Distinct, bold, and never ever subtle, Kandee’s new Spring/Summer 2012 has done it again. LOUD is an obnoxiously intoxicating line of flirty dirty sexy fun…all in four inches of va-va-voom on steroids.

Known as the ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ of shoes, Wayman is the man behind the Mr. Kandee claim to fame, an insider blogger who waxes poetic on the brand and the shoe industry. ‘Mr. Kandee’ has a dedicated base of Twitter followers, all shoe lovers and Mr. Kandee devotees. The brand interacts with consumers on a very down to earth level—they care about the design and quality you find here. It shows in each stitch, platform and stud.

Kandee was formed to answer the industries need for a footwear range that had both high end designs whilst keeping the price point at high street. Everyone loves candy and, well, women love heels. Wayman wanted the brand to emulate that desire and “marry” it together. Inspiration for the collections comes from Wayman’s experience of candy as a child and into his adulthood – whether that be texture, color, taste or smell.

Spring/Summer 2012 is all about feeling sexy, colorful and fierce…this collection encompasses all the above, and then some.

There is always a reason, thought or memory behind all his designs, from the patriotic WHAMs with their bold red, white and blues to the softer nude Lemonade flats (subtle in name, noisy in style). LOUD was created to replicate the feeling of going into a kids candy shop and the lighthearted happy-go-lucky experience that a lick of rock candy and a pocket of gold coins can be.

It’s fashionable to be confident. This season, speak your mind in one of these magnificently LOUD shoes.