A Luxurious Night’s Sleep on a Memory Foam Mattress

We work hard and play hard. Whether it’s going straight from the office to the slopes or pulling all nighters to close that deal, stress is an unfortunate part of the entrepreneur’s daily life. Luckily, there are ways to unwind from that stress.

Nothing helps you get that signature on the dotted line better than a sharp mind and fresh face. There are crazy energy drinks, caffeine shots and overpriced mochas but the importance of a great nights sleep is a highly underrated element to success.

An old fashioned box and spring mattress is just not ideal for keeping you at the top of your game. You need a cocoon of comfort, a mattress so ridiculously comfortable that it actually makes you hurry home to it. The solution? An incredible memory foam mattress that helps un-knot all that tension in your body and gives you the most luxurious sleep experience you’ve ever encountered.

Memory Foam has been the ‘mattress technology of the future’ for a while now, but there are so many different technologies being implemented it’s hard to know what brand gives you the best bang for your buck. Amerisleep is dedicated to creating a healthy sleep surface under you and a healthy rest environment around you, all with an eco-friendly mindset.

Amerisleep’s progressive memory foam is part of what makes The Colonial Bed™, their flagship model, a super plush mattress with unrivaled comfort and support. They use natural plant based Bio-Pur memory foam as opposed to the environmentally damaging petroleum products that most companies in the industry use. It’s expertly crafted to be the most comfortable, eco-friendly material available. So you can sleep easy about your carbon footprint, too. It’s kind of a steal —a Colonial Bed King with a memory foam mattress will run you $2,199.

The patented production process of Amerisleep foam ensures that the memory foam mattress dissipates heat 10x faster than traditional foams, and delivers the most breathable bedding on the market today. No middle of the night sweats and no getting out of cuddling…at least until she’s asleep and you can do the roll and switch, anyway.

The only ache you’ll have with the Colonial Bed is to share the joy of uncompromising, tailored comfort. And it’s good for more than just sleeping…