bernhard roetzel

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Modern Black Tie Etiquette

Just the other day a reader from South Africa asked me for advice on modern black tie etiquette. He is rather puzzled everytime he sees fellow members of his cl...

Bringing Back the Double Breasted Suit

Double breasted suits are not exactly selling like hot cakes nowadays. But if you look at some of the best dressed men of today and of the past you will see that many of them seldom wear single breasted suits.
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Winter Suits

The best of both worlds are fabrics with a wintery look and feel to it and a weight of 400 g at most. And there is still the option of long underwear to make a suit just that trifle warmer that makes all the difference...
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The Art of Shaving

by Bernhard Roetzel, a freelance fashion writer from Berlin, Germany. The first edition of his book “Gentleman, A Timeless Fashion” has been translated in 18 more languages.