The ten most common questions posed to our professional in-house gentleman.

Bernhard Roetzel’s Top Ten Fashion & Style FAQs

When my book was first published in German in 1999 people wrote letters because I didn’t have access to the internet then. Today I get messages by e-mail and/or people talk to me at book signing sessions. Most people give me some sort of feedback but all of them ask questions. The funny thing is that some questions are asked more frequently than others. Here is the list of the 10 most frequently asked questions about style and fashion:

1. Is it true that clothes make the man?
Clothes make a big difference but they will not transform a rude and stupid person into a gentleman.

2. How much do I have to spend to get a decent suit?
If you know what you need to make you look right you can find something in almost every price range. Still I recommend to spend as much as possible in relation to your income.

3. Can I wear a bowtie in business?
If you are a shy person and if you are not sure about your position in the company you should rather wear an ordinary tie.

4. Who is the best dressed man in the world?
I think that the current Prince of Wales is the best dressed man in his age group.

5. What is the correct lenght for the pants of a suit?
The pants must break once slightly in the front where they touch the shoe. At the back they should reach down at least to the middle of the heel.

6. Are shoes really so important?
Shoes are the basis of an outfit. All this effort to get the suit, and the shirt and the tie right are wasted if somebody wears the wrong shoes.

7. Is it true that gentlemen of the past gave their shoes to their valet to break them in?
Gentlemen used to wear custom shoes. What is the point in giving them to someone else to break them in?

8. Will a custom tailor ask you if you dress to the left or to the right?
This question is really not important unless you order pants that fit very tightly.

9. Which type of underpants are most classic?
Many men think that only boxer shorts are classic but I don’t agree. Y shaped briefs have become classic since their introduction in the 1930s.

10. Is it important to leave the lowest button on a waistcoat undone?
I don’t think that all men in the world have to follow a fashion that was created because an English King forgot to button up his waistcoat a very long time ago.