K2 Snowboards

K2 Snowboarding

It’s that time of the year. The mountain is calling with her knee deep powder and near vertical black diamonds. Embrace the cold, pray for a good snowfall and hit the slopes. It’s snowboarding season!

Born in the Pacific Northwest in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains, K2 Snowboarding was raised in the backcountry of Baker. Their goal has always been to create original concepts and technology that drive snowboarding forward and 25 years later they are still innovating and progressing the sport from the backcountry to the parks…and all terrain in between.

There are few brands out there that can live up to all of your expectations when it comes to snowboards—you want something versatile, light, stable and most importantly…something you can have fun on. K2 is one of the few that doesn’t disappoint. Whether you are jibbing, jumping, hucking, hopping, stomping, sliding, popping or pressing, you would be hard pressed not to have a helluva good time on the intelligently designed K2 Slayblade.

We’ve been rooted in the snowboarding industry for 25 years and each year we feel we bring something new to the table that hopefully makes people go ‘Wow.’ –  Hunter Waldron, K2 Snowboarding

It’s not often that you come across a board that is specifically constructed for one style of riding that can handle a bevy of conditions and riding styles. Being a little more on the stocky side of the yard containing 190 pounds of pure mountain man mass, the Slayblade surprisingly offers a fantastic balance of playfulness and stability. The unique flat camber overcompensates for the shift in balance, plus offers a solid amount of pop and holds an edge in crusty conditions. It’s definitely the board of choice for any aggressive rider looking for a stiffer board that can send it anywhere on the mountain.

Perfect addition to the setup? K2’s Company bindings. They can literally make or break your entire mountain experience, slow you down or keep you ahead of the game. K2’s Company two-strap need no bailout. Stacked with the Pro-Fection Chassis and Canted Harshmellow™ Footbeds, this binding is a team favorite for all situations, no matter how crazy you get out there in the wilderness.

What pairs well with the Company and Slayblade? Like a perfect wine with a wedge of brie the T1 boot is a pretty awesome way to compliment the board and bindings. This boot is built for those obsessed with shredding everyday, everywhere, in all conditions at 100 MPH. It’s all about dominating the trails. Endo Construction offers performance, support and slows the boot flex-breakdown process, meaning you will get more days out of these boots and more bang for your buck.

K2 is all about the lifestyle. It’s about experimenting, having fun and getting creative. Seek and Enjoy.