Luxury Home Renovation Report: Whole House Filtration System from Culligan

You can survive without food for a month. You can survive without that $300 steak. You can even survive life without great wine (albeit not a pleasant existence). But the quintessential essence of life, the most important key to living is the simplest ingredient. Water. And when you’re a new homeowner, you come across so many issues that you never knew existed—hard water, soft water, unusual ph levels, rust in your system, the list goes on and on…it’s something you used to take for granted that is very much an integral part of a happy home.

You need to know that the water in your home is safe and actually good for you, as water is supposed to be. It’s seems silly and very un-eco friendly to constantly buy those flavorless jugs of ‘spring water’, and then you remember that you don’t just ingest this stuff…if you have issues with your water that affects your daily hygiene, the dishes you eat of off, the floors you walk on.

That’s where Culligan comes in. Working with a local water expert is crucial—Culligan is best known as a homeowner’s full service, local water treatment company. The local Culligan Man doesn’t just know Culligan products – he knows water. He is knowledgeable on local water supplies and thus is uniquely suited to recommend the water treatment solution that makes the most sense for a homeowner’s needs and budget. He also has the know-how to service and repair any brand of water softener, water filter system or drinking water system.

One of the most important aspects of evaluating your home for a bespoke H2O solution includes having your Culligan guy perform basic water quality testing in a home, working with Culligan’s accredited analytical lab for advanced testing (if there is a more substantial problem to address). It’s all about incredible customer service while drastically improving the quality of life in your own home and making your water the best it can be.

DIY projects can be fun, but for longlasting solutions we’d go with the expert – you never really know what your getting yourself into until your knee deep in dirty water with a  burst pipe cursing yourself for not hiring the pro. They are the specialists, after all. We tried out the Culligan experience per our Tried & True policy at our corporate getaway in upstate NY—after a thorough analysis Culligan found low acidity, high iron levels, extremely hard water and a few other issues. It tasted bad, felt strange and was overall unpleasant. They went above and beyond to find every single problem with the home’s water and after an easy consultation and install the water was just what water should be. Pure. Simple. Clean.

We had a chance to catch up with the local Culligan team about the importance of perfecting the water in your home and having an expert do the job for you.

They explained to us that “While there is no such thing as a system to solve every water problem, it’s important to know what the problem is first. A local Culligan Man helps identify problems through testing, recommends and installs the right solution, and services equipment throughout its lifetime. Plus, Culligan sells, rents and leases equipment, so homeowners can treat their water on any budget. Put simply, Culligan employees take pride in the work that they do and are truly proud to be known as Culligan Men. A Culligan Man cares about his customers and his community – because he lives there, too.”

Culligan Water System