Jacob Co

Jacob & Co | Luxury Timepieces

Relying on your iPhone to tell time is lazy, a bit unprofessional and just not that cool. There’s a plethora of luxury watches that are beckoning for you to mak...
Kandee Shoes

Sexy Stilettos for Summer

Twenty-two year old Josh Wayman knows his shoes. He is the force behind the highly coveted Kandee Shoe brand, a line that emerged from the UK in 2010 with a mis...
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Women in Technology Today

So how can female technology professionals really add value to their career? While there are obvious solutions, including working hard to gain a promotion and meeting objectives in order to move into the next pay bracket, those are just the beginning. Progressing in a predominantly male sector can be challenging, but by utilising the options available it can really pay off.
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Getting Back to the Basics

What would happen if just one million of women business owners each generated one million dollars in revenue? What would that do for this sluggish economy? How many jobs would be created? We’re on our way to finding out...