Teds Cigars

Custom Co-Branded Premium Cigars

There’s no pretense or pomp here….just a fantastic smoke and souvenir.

This week’s C-Suite interviewee was Ted Jackson, CEO and Founder of Ted’s Cigars, the producer of handmade, genuine cigars with integrity. Their infused cigars are flavored aromatically via the airtight glass tube they’re sealed in (other companies syringe flavoring agents into the cigars, not an acceptable method for premiums) and now they let you stamp your name on their tubes too. Ted’s Cigars offers co-branded or custom banded cigars for your company. Oh, how we love bespoke products!

Ted’s Cigars lets you co-brand with their Maker’s Mark (the cigar that started it all) or the Hopz craft beer cigar that they branded themselves with 100% centennial hops. It took about 6 months for them to pair the right hops with the right cigar, and the result is well worth it. Each cigar flavor stays the same, and so does the cool co-brands labeling, but you get to have your logo or company name printed on the glass tube that eliminates the need for a humidor.  A fantastic souvenir for a corporate event, or even just a memorable (albeit expensive) business card.

With the co-branding experience, you get to share in the equity, value and perception of the Maker’s Mark or Hopz brand while exposing your company name. Adds a lot of integrity to the cigar, and to your personal brand. Think of all the coffee cups, t-shirts, and beer cozy collections built up over the years…not a one will provide the same moment of joy that a nice long draw from one of these coronas will.

If it’s not smoked (which it very well might not be), who cares? It winds up on a desk, an important credenza, at the right bar…your corporate logo or name is in front of whomever you’d like it to be in front of. No one receives a premium cigar as a gift and throws it away.

The other way to go is a custom band. These are offered in a Natural or Maduro blend, so if you’d like to stay away from spice and infusions, these guys might be a better fit for you and your intended smokers. They look more customized, since you get to control what goes on the label and yours is the only brand promoted on the cigar. The only difference is these come in the traditional boxed style of cigars, so a humidor or a quick giveaway is required once you open the sealed box.

As for the creative process, the team does everything in house and their creative team will work with you to create the perfect look, especially since not many logos are suited for a horizontal imprint or the style of a cigar band.  Ted lamented to us that perfection is his and his teams own blessed curse…something we don’t mind in the realm of customer service and high quality products!

Ted’s Cigars are not gimmicky, contrived, or cheap alternatives to the Cohibas of the world. These are handmade, Dominican premium cigars that you get to leave your own mark on. Nothing makes an impression quite like that.

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