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Hiroki Kishimoto, founder of Japan Blue Jeans, on Becoming the Best in Japanese Denim

Japan Blue Jeans is one of those Japanese brands always trying to innovate their collection, by combining vintage inspirational pieces, with new innovative production processes. As their founder, Hiroki Kishimoto, tells us, it’s the balance between pursuing vintage design and utilizing modern technology. Every year, they successfully present another impressive collection, all designed, developed and created in iconic Okayama, Japan, a denim capital of the world.

Ferrari’s Fastest V12 Production Car Ever: The 812 Superfast

While the 812 Superfast is no longer the fastest production Ferrari ever, having been supplanted by the 950 horsepower electric-hybrid twin-turbo V8 SF90, it still holds the title of the fastest V12 production car Ferrari has ever built. While that may seem like a subtle distinction, I can assure you it is not. As driving exhilaration goes, you simply cannot discount the impact the auditory experience has on the driver, passenger, and lookers-on. Pupils dilate. Adrenaline increases. Heads turn.
Bugatti Chiron

What It’s Like to Drive the New $3 Million Bugatti Chiron

For those of you who follow such things, the Chiron is a long anticipated supersportscar in the proud 108 year Bugatti lineage. The Chiron debuted in March of last year and boasts 1,500 horsepower—five-hundred more than its predecessor, the Veyron—and motor-journalists can wait up to a year just to test drive one. Only 70 of these cars will be hand-built this year at the iconic Molsheim facility in idyllic Alsace, home of the marque since it was founded in 1909. Each car takes 6 months, 20 employees, and 1,800 individual parts for completion. So, when Bugatti reached out last Friday to see if I wanted to take one of the Chiron’s for a spin before they shipped it off to Miami for Art Basel I did the obvious thing and canceled all of my plans...

This One-of-a-Kind Porsche Powered Frankfurt Flyer Can Be Yours for Only $160,000

If you're a Porsche enthusiast there's almost no way you haven't seen one of Christopher Runge's Frankfurt Flyer's on Instagram or in the pages of auto-rags like Jalopnik and the Porsche 356 Registry. These cars are incredibly beautiful, and rare, handbuilt works of art. Only eight of these cars have been built to-date, with one of them residing in a private collection in Dubai, and one of them just hit the market...

This Athleisure CEO Wants to Inspire Better Men

I know I’m going to catch some heat from Nate for referring to Rhone as “athleisure”, but after taking a close look at the market that’s what I think they do. And they do it incredibly well. Not in the sense that they manufacture yoga pants used solely for watching Netflix and drinking hot cocoa, but in the sense that they design and produce a multipurpose clothing line that’s just as functional in the gym as it is boarding a plane to catch a business meeting on the other side of the country. They’re based out in Stamford so our editor, Jenna Bostock, and I headed out there to meet Nate Checketts and talk shop last month...

A Month Ago I Couldn’t Wear Contacts But Now I Have Better Than Perfect Vision

For years I’ve been the guy with the collection of cool glasses. I had glasses in every color. Blue, black, red, you name it and I had it. My glasses were my trademark. But I couldn’t stand wearing them. Whenever I’d go skiing I’d have to wear glasses under my goggles and they would invariably fog up. Heading into the lodge for an Irish Coffee? Forget it. The lenses became a wall of thick Scottish fog...
Brian D. Aitken

Brian D. Aitken

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