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Getting Familiar with Royalty Audits

Today I found myself sitting at a presentation by Sidney Blum, an expert in the field of royalty auditing. Royalty auditing requires your licensees to open up their books and operations for a third party accounting audit in order to determine whether or not they have been paying your royalties properly.

One-on-One with Bruce Iglauer, President of Alligator Records

Bruce Iglauer is the kind of guy who can say it straight. Founder of Alligator Records, a blues and roots rock record label boasting the likes of Buckwheat Zydeco and Professor Longhair in their catalogue, Bruce sat down and told me what has happened to record labels everywhere since stealing music on the internet has taken over a once booming industry….he was even kind enough to preface our interview with a few words of why he WOULDN’T be a great candidate CEO to speak to.
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Shifting the Blame: Obama addresses Wall Street

Just moments ago, on the anniversary of Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, President Obama warned Wall Street against taking more reckless risks with Americans money. He told Wall Street that there would be no more bailouts and he credited the $787 billion ‘stimulus package’ for saving America from another Great Depression.
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Best Business Quotes

This weeks article is a collection of our favorite quotes of all time. Some are business quotes. Some are inspirational quotes. Some are just great quotes. Use them wisely.
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Ten Growth Factors for Small & Medium Business

Times continue to be difficult for businesses about a year into this recession. So many small and medium businesses I’ve recently spoken with are either going under or selling out, I’m beginning to take it personally (yeah, it’s all about me!). During good times, anyone can drift along, and during tough times, the weaklings fall off the grid, but during particularly hard times like right now, only the best survive. Being average no longer cuts it.
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Starbucks Debrands for Market Expansion

Starting today, Starbucks is testing a new idea by converting a few of its Seattle locations into a completely new storefront: (drum rolls!) selling beer, wine, and specialty foods in addition to its current line of coffees and pastries, and (double drum rolls!) debranding
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Virgins, Cheerleaders, and Mergers & Acquisitions

With every economic downturn, there’s a flurry of mergers and acquisitions as a result of lowered market value, lower-tiered companies threatened to fall off the grid, and companies with a cash hoard searching for bargains.