Everything You Need to Know About Living Your Dream Life on Your Next Napa Vacation

There are so many different ways to experience California’s Napa Valley. There’s the first time Napa visit, a rush of wineries and a Disneyworld attitude, trying to fit everything in. There’s the overindulgent visit, where even the most expensive bottle of Cab starts to taste like wine juice. And then there’s the right way to do Napa. Stay at a private estate on a vineyard, soak in the history of the vines, take your time, restrict your tasting to just the creme de la creme. Hire a private chef to bring the freshness and flavors to you. Let us show you a glimpse of the perfect way to experience this magical little valley that has become iconic to oenophiles all over the world...

Everything You Need to Know About Vacationing in Tahoe This Spring

Looking for the perfect Spring Getaway? 2018 is the year of the never ending winter so make the most of it, book a last minute flight to Reno, and get in those very last turns of the season. There is absolutely nothing more liberating than shredding that pow in a t-shirt, adult beverage in hand and sunshine on your face. This is the weekend to close out the season and really take in those Tahoe turns, Truckee eats and scenic aerial tours!
Chappellet Vineyard

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Napa

Wake up. Register incredible view of winery outside your window. Gulp down coffee. Admire the fog rolling in on the vines. Time-check. Driver’s here. Time to ex...

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Big Sur

Roughing it in Big Sur

This is the California of your dreams. Highway One wind in your hair, Pfeiffer Beach sand in your toes, the heart of the Pacific in your eyes. Unadulterated lan...
Monterey Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruise

It’s time to relax, unwind, and hit open water. There is nothing quite like the slow sway of a sail, the ripple of rolling waves at your fingertips and an intim...
Martine Inn

Where to stay in Monterey

Last week we featured the Mercedes Benz AMG Academy, one of the hottest racing schools around. We went to check out their program at the Laguna Seca Raceway in ...