An Interview with MeisterSinger’s CEO, Manfred Bressler, on German Watchmaking

Manfred Brassler revolutionized the watch industry when he launched, MeisterSinger, a German timepiece company that would use single-hands exclusively. The concept was to go back in time. In the earliest days of measuring time, back to the sundials even, a single hand was used. It was precise and beautiful. Mr. Brassler wanted to escape the brand environment of luxury timepieces today, where design can be overcrowded and more isn’t always more. With a focus on functional simplicity and clarity he concentrated on the essentials of design and created an iconic brand that manages to stand out from its rivals in an oversaturated industry.
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Relying on your iPhone to tell time is lazy, a bit unprofessional and just not that cool. There’s a plethora of luxury watches that are beckoning for you to mak...