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A Haircut and Q&A with The Real Life Edward Scissorhands

Have you ever thought of a haircut as an otherwordly, out-of-body experience? Have you ever felt shears surround your ears and feel like you were on stage at a rock concert? If you haven’t, it’s simply because you haven’t met hair icon and serial entrepreneur Edward Tricomi. He’s a legend in the world of modern day pop culture, and also the founder of several high profile salons from Tokyo to NYC. Walk into any Warren-Tricomi salon and you’ll be greeted by a space that feels more like a stage than a hair salon. We popped into the unexpectedly edgy salon tucked away within the old New York glam that is the Plaza Hotel, catering to a cool-meets-elite clientele. The space juxtaposes a rock-star staff with a chandelier-adorned décor, allowing clients to feel pampered but not too far from their creative roots, all while blasting The Waitresses and Jimi Hendrix with a little Joy Division to mellow it all out. Poinsettias line the stairs and Ian Curtis croons...
The Drawing Room Salon New York

The Hottest Salon in SoHo

Beauty is a delicate thing…a certain amount of confidence, luxury and occasionally some serious self-indulgence all come together to create The Drawing Room, a ...
Sandra Smith FOX Business

FOX Business Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is an intelligent, vibrant glamazon of a financial advisor and one of Fox’s rising stars. Her passion for the trade floor is infectious and her wor...
River Rock Salon

River Rock Salon | Lake Placid, NY

Lake Placid, NY. River Rock Salon is an eco-boutique salon & spa inspired by the majestic beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. They live an organic and natural lifestyle and try to infuse that into every element of their salon, from the recycled floor to the refurbished woodwork beams and upcycled furniture. It’s a calming place of serenity that manages to marry nature, art and beauty.
Nolitan Hotel

New York’s Newest Hotel

NO-lita, North of Little Italy. The Nolitan Hotel is a true luxury boutique hotel in an endearing neighborhood---they've only been open for 2.5 months and are already ranked #12 on Tripadvisor, out of over 400 hotels in NYC.
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New Years @ Windham Mountain

By Jenna Marie Bostock I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of overcrowding at those cookie cutter resorts that boast luxurious amenities, rest, and relaxation. O...